Biscuit Tin iPhone - Random is good

Biscuit Tin magically fills with a random selection of your lovely photos on Flickr.

May 2009: The new Biscuit Tin iPhone app, which lets iPhone fans fall in in love with their photos all over again, was launched today by interactive design company magneticNorth (mN).

For further information about the app or to talk to Bren or Lou please contact Kate Towey:

Telephone: 0161 228 7171
Twitter: KateTowey

The app, which is FREE and available from the iPhone App Store, fills with a random selection of the users photos from their Flickr account. They then shake their phone and a single random picture from their photo stream appears within a playful "biscuit tin" interface on screen.

Designed to encourage people to "shake a memory" at least once a day, the image that comes up might jog a happy memory, make them laugh, make them smile, it might even make people cry. All these feelings mean the app has had the desired effect - to let people rediscover images they might have long forgotten about, smile and remember that random is good.

The iPhone app, the first from mN, was created after the original Biscuit Tin Flickr application, launched by mN in September 2008, generated positive feedback from across the Flickr community.

The original site based app was created to encourage more randomness in the way pictures are viewed and enjoyed, the name derived from the old fashioned, pre-digital tradition of storing photos and keepsakes in old biscuit tins. mN wanted to create an app that allowed Flickr users to view their images in this same random and charming fashion.

The Biscuit Tin app works on both the iTouch and any iPhone OS 2.0 or higher and is available now.

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Brendan Dawes, creative director, magneticNorth (mN)

"We love the idea that apps on the iPhone morph a "phone" into something else. In our case we mutated it into a magical tin that you could hold in your hands, shake and have photos appear as if by magic. As far as we’re concerned there should be a lot more magical objects like this in our lives."


Lou Cordwell, managing director, magneticNorth (mN)

"Launching the Biscuit Tin iPhone app was a natural progression for mN. We started to create and make our own products in 2007, with the launch of MIXA, and are one of only a handful of digital companies making commercial successful home-grown products alongside our client commissions."

"When we started the company 10 years ago mN brought a fresh perspective to the world of web design. We're now bringing that same craftsmanship and humanity to the app market."


About mN

magneticNorth (mN to our friends) is a UK based interactive design company with a global outlook and reach.

We create digital experiences of all kinds - experiences that are useful, playful, and have a story to tell - stuff that people want to spend time with.

As well as telling our clients' stories through our commissioned work, we also bring the mN story to life by making and selling our own home-grown, digital products.

Clients include Kellogg's, BBC, BBC Worldwide, Salford University and Urban Splash.

mN's first product was MIXA, launched in 2007. It has sold in over 40 countries, received lots of media and blog attention and has even created a very special MIXA wedding.

mN have also launched Biscuit Tin and Cinema Redux and continue to grow their portfolio of fun and engaging digital products.